Mendoza makes perfect quality bags and luggage for over a quarter of a century. moving with times, Mendoza, like the bags it creates, succeed through all multitude of environments.

Quality, flexibility and versatility have always been the key of Mendoza designs. Mendoza makes an important position by its abilities to keep up with the rapidly changing trend; while never loosing sight in inception.
  Charles Berkeley

Charles Berkeley was founded in 1990 in Lancashire. Five artisans handcrafted a collection of leather goods using skills handed down from generation to generation. Discerning consumers soon began to seek out the quality and unique nature of Charles Berkeley craftsmanship.

Charles Berkeley attribute the prominence of the brand to the unique combination of its original European attitude and design, heritage of fine leather goods and custom fabrics, superior product quality and durability. Making Charles Berkeley leader in fine leather fashion carrier.


Brazilian brand, ESFOLAR means ‘Raw’ in Portuguese.

What made them Brazil’s best leather goods back then still holds true as Esfolar quality is timeless. For almost a decade, our leather products have been produced from the finest full grain leather. With our steadfast commitment and painstaking attention to detail, it takes over a hundred steps to make one piece of leather bag.

Esfolar captures the spirit of originality with a Tagline’ The Species of Nature’ which commensurate with the character of the brand.

  Valentino Creations
Valentino Creations was incorporated in 1998. Well-known for its Italian touch in Fashion and Leather, Its emerge in Travel fashion that gives variety in Bags, Luggage & others travel products for travel lovers who favour modern lifestyle On-the-go.
  TOUGH Jeansmith

Launched in 1994, TOUGH Jeansmith was the first private Bauhaus label. As one of Hong Kong’s leading fashion creators and retailers, their activities range from designing, to merchandising and sales networking. Representing the latest fashion trends the dynamic collection incorporates jeans, fashion wear, bags and accessories. Their design are unique : Industrial and hardwearing but never compromising in a street style.


The denim heart of Salad is characterized by innovation, incorporating the imperfections and inconsistencies into key design details. This is exhibited in irregularities such as stitch detailing, needlework, sewing construction, trims, thread variation, and our new ever-changing Salad back pocket decorative stitching.

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