Leather Avenue is poised to be Malaysia’s leading leather goods, bags and luggage retailer. Always leading in the avant-garde of fashion without compromising its exquisite standard in quality, it houses a range of brand names and leather retailers which are synonymous with the Leather Avenue branding namely from Mendoza, Charles Berkeley, Esfolar, Valentino Creations, Cerruti 1881, Coccinelle, The Bridge, and Lushberry. We are proud to be one of the best places for customers to get genuine leather bags for men and women here in Malaysia.


Today Leather Avenue has opened in most major malls throughout Malaysia and unveils our new concept stores. The brand strives to constantly improve and broaden its market. we are also located strategically at popular shopping destinations for the most fashion-conscious and discerning shoppers from Malaysia. Other than keeping you stylish at all times, our products are also well known for having outstanding quality and durability.


As online shopping is now a prominent market, Leather Avenue also lets customers get genuine leather bags online through our website. We have a complete catalog of genuine leather bags for men and women. Our secure payment gateway and fast delivery make us one of the best places for you to get luggage bags online in Malaysia.


Leather Avenue offers a broad and diverse range of products that allows customers to find their own personal style. The collections are created with our broad clientele with the aim to satisfy different variations of tastes and requirements. Discerning consumers seek out the quality and unique nature of the brand craftsmanship and it has been recognized by many Malaysian shoppers as a preferred brand for getting genuine leather luggage bags online.


At Leather Avenue, customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. We aspire to continue delivering the best quality and genuine leather luggage bags and products in Malaysia.