ESFOLAR -Brazilian brand, ESFOLAR means ‘Raw’ in Portuguese.Originating from Brazil, the very first piece of ESFOLAR leather good was bench-handcrafted in 1975 by a family-run workshop in a small loft, a then small village of the outskirts of São Paulo. Soon, the family discovered that the art of creating leather goods can be an excellent luxury material and began handcrafted myriad styles of leather accessories from the finest full-grained hides farmed locally.ESFOLAR embodied the ‘raw’ aesthetics of full-grain hides, traditional treatments, and the naturalness of the hides, thus these became the brand’s hallmarks. And was then, the brand was created and named after ‘raw’ in Portuguese – ESFOLAR with their tagline ‘The Species of Nature’ to commensurate the brand and captures the spirit of originality.